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  • Updated: Apr 24, 2017
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01 That Genius (Prod. by Soleternity).mp3
02 My Purpose Is (Prod. by The Chemist).mp3
03 Genius Jumpman.mp3
04 Essential Cheddar (Prod. by Sevn Thomas).mp3
05 Calm American (Prod. by DJA).mp3
06 Feeling (Prod. by Black Metaphor).mp3
07 Paper Race feat. Poetik Genius (Prod. by Frankie O. Solovely).mp3
08 Spacechix _ Chill.mp3
09 Don't Get Me Down ft. DoubleCee (Prod. by Guy Akimoto).mp3
10 Sanity (Prod. by Fugitive Beatz).mp3
11 Workin' (Prod. by P-Shyn).mp3
12 Creative Control (Prod. by R.E.L. The Producer).mp3
13 BONUS TRACK #1.mp3
14 BONUS TRACK #2.mp3
15 BONUS TRACK #3.mp3

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